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1st Birchington Air Scout Group
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The Scout Troop is for 10 to 14 year olds. Each Troop is split into smaller groups called Patrols.

Scouts are encouraged to take part in a wide range of activities, and when out and about locally may be in small groups looking after each other - without an adult always being constantly present. Being outdoors is really important so it's a great chance to explore the world around with the rest of the Troop. Scouts will learn new skills and overcome fears. Each week is an adventure in itself as you may do anything from hiking to pioneering or cooking for a survival camp. We help to teach Scouts that making a decision isn't the difficult bit - it's learning to live with consequences (as any Scout who has burnt their breakfast will tell you!)

Scouts are encouraged to work towards any of the various 69 activity badges, 6 staged badges and 9 challenge badges.

We are an Air Scout Group, one of only a handful in Kent recognised by the RAF. This means we like to try as many air activities as we can like microlighting, power kiting and parascending. We spend half of our badge work time learning about planes, flying and anything aeronautical. Even though we focus on the air, we still love camping, hiking and learning to look after ourselves.

Scouts meet on Friday evenings during term time from 6.45pm til 9pm.

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